C19 Coalition partners have delivered 1+ billion units of PPE to frontline workers since March


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The C19 Coalition brings crucial partners together to help build an efficient, unified supply chain for PPE and lifesaving medical devices. State governments, corporations, manufacturers, non-profits, and individuals can connect through us to share and request resources and information.

Our members are working on every part of the problem: supply, demand, fulfillment, logistics, funding, and information tracking. We use real-time updates about what every organization is doing in order to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Read more.

By coordinating all emergency PPE crisis efforts, we help minimize the risk of misdirecting critical supplies to places that may need them less urgently, and increase their individual power exponentially. We’re working together to ensure that every shipment of PPE sent is a life-saving shipment.

Since March, Coalition Partners have manufactured and distributed more than 1 billion net new units of PPE across the country. The Coalition is working collaboratively with the National Governors Association (NGA) and directly with states like New Jersey to acquire more information about the greatest needs and how to activate public-private partnerships.

Read about our initiatives and partner commitments.

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