Posted on 05 May 2021

C19 Coalition and Partners Hold First Sunday Supper Vaccination Community Event in Brooklyn, NY on Mother’s Day

The C19 Coalition and its partners Stop the Spread and Project N95 are working in collaboration with the Church of God of East New York and the Community Healthcare Network (CHN) to host its first of a series of Sunday Suppers this Mother’s Day, May 9th, 2021 in Brooklyn, New York. The event, which will run from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Church of God of East New York, at 905 Sutter Avenue, will be an opportunity to get vaccinated while connecting with the community. The entrance is on Warwick St. The event will have Pfizer first and second doses available for anyone on a walk-up basis. Additionally, upon vaccination, a supply of masks and a free to-go meal supplied by a local restaurant will be provided.

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Posted on 14 Apr 2021

Press Release: C19 Coalition teams with NBA Top Shot on April 15 to help communities of color battle Covid-19 pandemic

The C19 Coalition is proud to announce a partnership with NBA Top Shot to create one of the first NFT fundraisers, Shots for Shots, using NBA Top Shot to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic by bringing PPE, testing and vaccination to communities of color at HBCU campuses, churches, and community centers via its Sunday Suppers program.

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Posted on 11 Feb 2021

C19 Partner Spotlight: SEKO Logistics

SEKO Logistics has taken on many of the challenging obstacles in delivery of PPE. As experts in supply chain, SEKO has been an important partner of C19 Coalition and its expertise has been invaluable.

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Posted on 18 Jan 2021

Reuben Katz and SensoryData Corp: Low Cost PPE and a Can-Do Attitude.

SensoryData Corp was founded with the mission to save lives and prevent illness, then came COVID-19. The company and it's founder, Reuben Katz, pivoted from their life-saving mission to another, to get low cost and donated PPE to communities and organizations that needed it most, and fast.

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Posted on 22 Nov 2020

C19 Coalition Volunteer Highlight: JD Caron

Jean-Denis Caron and his family were still reeling from his brother-in-law’s cancer death when Covid 19 began its dangerous spread around the world. He had felt “completely helpless” watching the young and healthy Marc sicken despite doctors’ best efforts, and Jean-Denis, who goes by JD, felt that he could not stand by as a pandemic raged.

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Posted on 18 Nov 2020

C19 Coalition Volunteer Highlight: Catherine Bitar

Catherine Bitar, who volunteers her time with the C19 Coalition Content and Marketing team, sees the importance of getting the pandemic under control, but also sees it as a chance for people to come together and help those in need.

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Posted on 13 Oct 2020

Chicano Federation Provides PPE to Latinx Communities

C19 Coalition helps to promote the Chicano Federation and help them reach their fundraising goal to be able to provide PPE to the city of San Diego

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Posted on 02 Oct 2020

Statement from C19 Coalition on President Trump's COVID-19 Diagnosis

The C19 Coalition would like to wish the President, First Lady, White House staff, and the thousands of people inflicted every day with Covid-19 a swift and full recovery. Full Statement here.

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Posted on 18 Sep 2020

CMTA Prioritizes Solutions to Domestic PPE Supply Challenges

As Covid-19 cases continue to rise, domestically there are various challenges of producing and selling non-medical grade PPE. The CMTA held a recent webinar to look at potential solutions and ways to make the efforts worthwhile so sectors in need of help can be served.

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Posted on 03 Sep 2020

C19 Coalition Volunteer Highlight: Christina Timms

Meet our Social Media manager from across the ocean, Christina Timms, who leads our social media team and continues to amplify the Coalition's messaging.

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Posted on 07 Aug 2020

Formlabs Provides Tool to Fight Covid-19

As one of the earliest partners of the C-19 Coalition, 3D printer manufacturer Formlabs has led the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by providing designs that any one that owns the printers can print out on their own.

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Posted on 03 Aug 2020

Mental Health doesn't discriminate, right?

July marked the end of Minority Mental Health Month, but this doesn't mean it's time to close out the stories and resources needed to dismantle the gaps prevalent in mental health. These gaps have only widened as COVID-19 continues to push communities further from their baseline.

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Posted on 31 Jul 2020

C19 Coalition Volunteer Highlight: Sandy Kamp

Meet the 'Jill of all trades', Sandy Kamp, who has been managing partner engagement with the Coalition. With a motivation to help frontline workers, Kamp has been fundamental to moving our work forward with our partners.

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Posted on 23 Jul 2020

C19 Coalition Volunteer Highlight: Kelli Cree

Meet our self-described "Serial Volunteer", Kelli Cree. She helps with C19 Coalition's mission through the hotline department, the first point of contact for C19 Coalition. As a way to deal with the frustrations that have arisen due to COVID19, Cree continues to be a motivated volunteer with the Coalition to create a positive, long-lasting impact.

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Posted on 17 Jul 2020

C19 Coalition Volunteer Highlight: Alizay Rizvi

3,658 deaths. 302,000 cases. Texas reports the highest 1-day toll of deaths since the pandemic began. As a Texas native, Alizay Rizvi saw first-hand the toll COVID-19 was taking on her community but also realized how many were not acknowledging the pandemic...

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Posted on 17 Jul 2020

C19 Coalition Volunteer Highlight: Laura Mignott and Impact

Without access to proper food, housing, schooling, capital, and healthcare, being ‘healthy’ can easily be put on the backburner. When there are built-in systems that fail an individual to meet their full potential, the gap of equality widens.

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Posted on 08 Jul 2020

C19 Coalition Volunteer Highlight: Tracy Chen

Tracy Chen is the youngest of the C19 Coalition volunteers and one of the most helpful. A jack-of-all-trades, she has helped both working the hotline and helping the social media and content team. For Chen, being in a position to help someone out uplifts all the unprecedented events that have occurred due to COVID-19...

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Posted on 03 Jul 2020

Masks are in our Future - Considerations for Businesses

Masks, when used correctly, can be a valuable tool to prevent viral transmission between individuals. Here are some aspects to consider when making procurement decisions for masks...

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Posted on 01 Jul 2020

C19 Coalition Volunteer Highlight: Mary Robertson

Mary Robertson joined the C19 Coalition as a volunteer in April. She is focused on how to strategize how the organization will pursue such individuals to address their concerns and lessen disparities with COVID-19. She is passionate about helping people overcome the pandemic...

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Posted on 18 Jun 2020

Adaptive Energy Pivots and Steps Up for COVID-19

C19 Coalition partner Adaptive Energy was challenged by Covid-19 and pivoted their manufacturing capabilities in a way to help those facing PPE shortages across the country. Additionally Adaptive Energy created an e-commerce store where they sell PPE items such as hand sanitizers, gowns, masks, and touchless door openers...

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