Announcing C19 Coalition Partner Commitments

July 2, 2020

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April 30, 2020

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Read the full details of each partner’s commitment.

To get PPE to those who need it most, more than 20 organizations, companies, and philanthropists have joined forces to establish the C19 Coalition. Together, we’re leveraging our collective assets to combat the medical supply shortage, in partnership with state governments.

The partners listed below are making commitments to bring their resources to address three key needs:

  1. Increasing supply of medical-grade PPE, through both domestic production and international supply chains
  2. $30+ million in bridge financing capital to enable more accessible PPE procurement
  3. Sharing data and intelligence to allow PPE supply chains to respond to demand

Make a Commitment to Action

To scale up its impact, the C19 Coalition is asking more leaders to join in making commitments to action. The C19 Coalition’s initial goal is to double its current level of net new PPE production and distribution.

The C19 Coalition is actively seeking partnership and commitments to action from other organizations that are working to address medical supply shortage, including:

  • States and localities interested in sharing information about demand needs, including specific facilities that need access to working capital to de-risk PPE purchases.
  • Domestic manufacturers that are producing, or want to repurpose and retool to produce, net new PPE at scale.
  • Philanthropists and institutional investors who are interested in providing philanthropic zero interest loans or low interest working capital loans to purchase PPE.

If you are an organization interested in bringing your efforts into the C19 Coalition, fill out this form.

C19 Coalition Partner Commitments

Increasing supply of medical-grade PPE through both domestic production and international supply chains

While many U.S. companies have already started to repurpose production facilities for medical supplies, efforts have often been independently designed, funded, and managed. Many manufacturers have expressed major challenges rising from a lack of standardized specifications and coordinated support, as well as shortages of raw materials.

The C19 Coalition is bringing together members with industry expertise to increase net new supply of PPE materials. We are coordinating support for materials and build specifications, technical and engineering support, FDA approvals and testing, connecting supply to demand, & distribution logistics.

Commitments Made To Date

Adaptive Energy
Cardinal Health
Gerber Technology
Hardwire, LLC
Hewlett-Packard Inc. (HP)
The Manufacturing Coalition
Open Source Medical Supplies (OSMS)
Resolution Medical
Volkswagen of America (WV)

Who Else Can Help
  • U.S. manufacturers can create net new supply of critical items, built to specification, through repurposing existing facilities.
  • U.S. manufacturing associations can help through driving and coordinating efforts.
  • Medical distributors can help through sharing technical specifications for materials in shortage, and shortening their intake processes to onboard new suppliers into their supply chains.
  • Logistics providers can coordinate with net new manufacturing to help get raw materials where they are needed, and speed finished product to the providers and areas in greatest need.

Enabling more accessible PPE procurement with $30+ million of bridge financing capital

In this new environment, those looking to acquire PPE for healthcare workers are faced with opaque market pricing, brand new vendors, multiple middlemen, and suppliers requiring a minimum of 50 percent upfront just to queue an order.

We are raising bridge financing capital to provide American hospitals and government entities who are seeking to procure PPE with short-term loans of upfront capital to complete orders, as well as offering supportive processes to help ensure the quality of PPE purchased overseas.

To date, the Coalition has deployed more than $32 million in funds to purchase over 38 million units of PPE with a zero percent loss rate. The Coalition will continue to recycle contributions.

Commitments Made to Date

Working capital in the form of interest-free loans and renewable grants is being provided by philanthropic foundations as well as individual donors, including Jennifer and David Millstone, Sharon Prince, and Mike and Albert Lee. Coalition members are also committing to providing access to PPE for smaller-volume buyers with these funds.

Who Else Can Help

Partners who can provide risk capital to de-risk purchases made on behalf of hospitals or institutions, such as:

  • Philanthropists
  • Businesses
  • Financial institutions

The capital can be rapidly recycled, and we will loan the money at 1% of the invoice to set the floor for the market (others in this field are charging 20-30%).

Sharing data and intelligence to allow PPE supply chains to respond to demand

PPE resources are in short supply, but without information on demand, it is difficult to deploy U.S. production and logistics capacity effectively.

C19 Coalition members, leading academics, government leaders, and companies are working together to aggregate and share data on clear demand signals from major medical distributors, hospitals, and other commercial customers.

Commitments Made To Date

The COVID-19 Policy Alliance
Operation Masks
PCH International
Project N95

Who Else Can Help
  • U.S. academics and data scientists can leverage their expertise in creating and analyzing datasets.
  • State and local leaders can open up data in public or limited access ways.
  • C19 Coalition members can share data from healthcare facilities and governments on need for PPE.