Posted on 18 Jan 2021

Reuben Katz and SensoryData Corp: Low Cost PPE and a Can-Do Attitude.

3-4 min.

Last February, Reuben Katz, owner of SensoryData Corp, was on his way back from Barcelona after meeting with his team. Upon arrival at L.A Airport, it became “remarkably clear what direction things were headed in the US,” says Katz. At the time, SensoryData Corp was launching its pressure measuring devices into hospitals for testing, but due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all the clinical trials for the device, including hospitals in Spain, and the United States such as Johns Hopkins and UCSD Medical, were canceled or paused by early March. 

During this time, Reuben learned about the dire need for masks around the country. Because of his, and his teams, contacts and agile organization, Katz was able to launch a team in China to help source reliable manufacturers. This quick connection gave Katz and his team the ability to help source masks for SalesForce before stepping back and allowing major health networks to take the lead. 

Due to Katz’s initial connections to reliable manufacturers, he and SensoryData Corp were able to supply 5 million masks over the course of a month to the state of Pennsylvania to which Governor Tom Wolfe, sent Reuben a thank you note. 

Reuben’s success in connections with sales and distribution of masks has allowed him to graciously donate masks to not only hospitals but to schools and communities disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. In coordination with C19 Coalition, Katz has been able to donate 15,000 masks to schools in Alaska as well as another 15,000 masks to the Chicano Federation, another C19 partner in San Diego. Ashley Gazich, project lead, and all-around impactful Advisor at C19 Coalition worked closely with Reuben on a few programs as well as bringing him into the C19 partnership.

“One of the great things about teaming up with Reuben is that with his vision and can-do philosophy, anything is possible. In our first meeting (before I finished my proposal!) he immediately saw the urgency of supporting schools and community-based organizations (CBOs). His donation commitment kicked off new C19 Coalition pilot programs for schools, CBOs, and agriculture workers, which we have since scaled nationally.” Says Gazich. 

Katz and SensoryData Corp continue their low-cost PPE and significant donations with “millions and millions of masks at the drop of a call” says Katz. They also have supply connections with gloves and gowns. 

At SensoryData Corp, saving lives and preventing illness did not start at the outbreak of COVID-19. The company is first and foremost a health technology company with a mission to prevent and treat pressure injuries, which accounts for over 60,000 deaths a year in the UE alone. While the clinical trials are still on pause, SensoryData Corp has developed an app to help assess, treat, and prevent pressure-related injuries (bedside) in partnership with the National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel and its European and Pan-Pacific counterparts. 

C19 Coalition is beyond proud to call Reuben Katz and SensoryData Corp a partner in the fight against COVID-19. For more information about SensoryData Corp, or to contact them for low-cost PPE email

The C19 Coalition is a non-profit, cross-sector group of organizations, companies, states, and philanthropists working to address PPE shortages across the country.