Posted on 14 Apr 2021

Press Release: C19 Coalition teams with NBA Top Shot on April 15 to help communities of color battle Covid-19 pandemic

3-4 minutes

The C19 Coalition is proud to announce a partnership with NBA Top Shot to create one of the first NFT fundraisers, Shots for Shots, using NBA Top Shot to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic by bringing PPE, testing and vaccination to communities of color at HBCU campuses, churches, and community centers via its Sunday Suppers program.

The event will take place at 7 p.m. EST and can be accessed live through Shots For Shots and NBA Top Shot Charity Twitch live stream or via the Shots for Shots website at Josh Hart of the New Orleans Pelicans, Michael Carter Williams of the Orlando Magic, DJ Skee and other special guest will be opening limited edition packs provided by the team at NBA Top Shot.

“We’re excited to work with NBA Top Shot, Kindred and more to utilize the awesome power of NFTs to make a meaningful immediate impact to these communities,” said Laura Mignott, who runs the Sunday Suppers for the C19 Coalition.

The C19 Coalition is a non-profit, cross-sector group of organizations, companies, states, and philanthropists working to address PPE shortages across the country. Collectively it has delivered more than a billion units of PPE since March 2020 primarily to frontline workers, educators, students and communities. A large focus of the deliveries are to disproportionately impacted communities around the country.

Listen to C19 Coalition & Shots For Shots: NBA TopShots Charity Stream.

“The NBA Top Shot community is full of passionate, caring, and wonderful people,” said Jacob Eisenberg, community lead of NBA Top Shot. “It’s amazing to see community initiatives like Shots for Shots sprout up organically with the help of the C19 Coalition, and I couldn’t be prouder to join the athletes, influencers, moderators, and organizers who’ve come together to leverage Top Shot as a vehicle for positive change. I’m really excited to see the community rally around this amazing cause.”